Experience led products created by leading Designers and Technical Engineers from around the world, from initial concept through to manufacture.

Designed for high-end events, marketing suites and retail spaces, Holo™ is the result of a new partnership between Beagle, University of Cambridge Engineers and designers Conran + Partners.

Holo™ turns premium products, abstract imagery and people into compelling 360° interactive holographic content. The protected technology combined with the minimalist Conran design makes the hologram the hero. The moving animation simply appears in the middle of a clear diamond. Now with an even sleeker design and more powerful software, Holo is the World's most advanced hologram player.

Morphus, The Eternal Adventure™ was born from the lack of compelling activities for communities to do in public spaces.

Despite having access to more entertainment and social stimulation than any generation before them, thanks to the web and smartphones, for most people there are less progressive recreation facilities available than ever before.

Morphus is a range of climbing structures and a mobile App where adventurers of all ages can safely meet, compete and exceed their expectations of themselves.


An electronically lit 1960's style surfboard designed and produced to feature in an independent feature film called Night Rose.